Wetsounds PRO 60

W-DET technology.  W-DET is a wide dispersion enhanced throw technology.  Unlike most conventional designs, by using the enhanced throw portion of this technology, the PRO 60 provides amazing volume and sound quality out to the rider and beyond.  Wet Sounds™ takes this a step further by incorporating a wide dispersion design.  Not only providing the volume and sound quality out to the rider, but providing a widely dispersed sound field that can be heard even while outside of the wake.

The driver compliment in the PRO 60 uses a single 6.5 inch Wet Sounds™ EFG™ driver and a coaxially mounted HLCD (Horn Loaded Compression Driver) per speaker.   This is wet sounds proprietary “Pro-axial” technology.  The 6.5 inch Pro-Axial™ is one of the most unique coaxial drivers ever developed. We used our proprietary cone material called EFG™, which is an epoxy fiberglass.  Wet Sounds™ developed this cone material specifically for the PRO series of tower speakers.  EFG™ is used because it is the optimum cone material that provides a light yet rigid cone, resulting in a quick transient response for tight bass, exceptional sound quality, and great resistance to water.  Polyurethane is used for the surround to provide a weather resistant surround that will not rot or deteriorate like conventional foam surrounds and is more efficient than typical rubber surrounds.  The high frequency driver is a wide dispersion HLCD (horn loaded compression driver)

Extensive crossover network.  Wet Sounds™ developed an advanced crossover network for the
PRO 60.  Allowing for amazing output to the rider while maintaining exceptional sound quality. 

The PRO 60 uses one Trick Connect™ Bracket per speaker.  These Trick Connect Brackets are designed to give you the option to have speakers facing the rear for music while riding or to be faced forward when the boat is beached.  Trick Connect also makes removing the speakers for storage quick and easy.

There are three pieces to the Trick Connect™ Bracket assembly.  The tower clamp that attaches to the tower, the U bracket that is attached to the speaker and there are various sizes of rubber inserts to use depending on what size tower pipe you have. The Trick Connect™ Bracket is a 2 7/8 inch Chrome Plated Aluminum Clamp.  The rubber inserts will fit the following towers.  (2 ½”,2 ¼”,2”,1 ¾”,1 5/8”,1 ½”)

Available colors are Gloss White or Gloss Black with UV inhibitors

All Stainless Steel Hardware

Reinforced Composite Enclosure

Quick Release Lockable Loudspeaker Connector

Optional swivels are available to work with modern curved towers

RMS Watts:


Peak Watts:



4 ohms

Frequency Response:

20Hz to 20KHZ


90 db at 1watt/1 meter

Mid Bass:

6.5 inch EFG™ cone woofer with polyurethane surround

High Frequency:

Pro-Axial™ Driver. Coaxially mounted Titanium Diaphragm High Output Horn Loaded Compression Driver


All specifications are for each PRO 60 enclosure

● $799 / pair