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Installation is available for all towers!

  Pro X Series Tower

The Pro X Series Tower is completely universal and the only one constructed of stainless steel making it one of the strongest and most durable tower on the market.  The Quick Release pins are user friendly and make stowing and setup of the tower a simple task.  Just pull six pins and the tower folds down entirely allowing an easier fit into your garage and lift.  This tower offers exclusive overhead crossbar engineering which locks it in and makes it as rigid as a factory installed pylon.  The crossbars of the tower act as an integrated board rack that will store anything from  a slalom ski to a wake surfboard.  Click HERE for more picture.  $1899


  Monster Tower 

2-1/2" Diameter Tubing Heim joint design
Polished and anodized 5 Year Warranty
Guaranteed Silent Folds fast and easy
Fits any boat Calendar

Click HERE for more info.  $1149-1349




  Skylon Xtreme Classic

The Classic shape of the original Xtreme tower has been copied by many but never duplicated. Starting from the ground up the Classic’s quality is apparent. The exclusive patented design of the Skylon universal anchor blocks allow for trouble free installation and years of performance. With a telescoping top section the Classic easily fits boats 76” to 108” wide. The sturdy 2” tubing is the perfect match for boats 17’ to 20’ in length. The Classic collapses easily below the windshield height without tools.

Click HERE for more info.  $1099




  Skylon Xtreme 225

The all new 225 features the same quality and features of the Classic with larger 2.25” aircraft quality aluminum tubing and a more progressive “swooped” back design. By using the thicker tubing we have been able to add more radius to the front and rear arms to achieve the look perfect for boats 19’-24’.  Available in polished aluminum with anodized clear-coat or high quality black powder-coat finishes. The 225 collapses easily below the windshield height without tools.

Click HERE for more info.  $1299-1499




  Swoop Pro XT

Finally, a universal wakeboard tower that combines all of the best ingredients. This tower fits almost any boat, is extremely rigid and silent, utilizes fat 2 3/8 inch diameter aircraft grade tubing with an aggressive swoop design, is very easy to install, and collapses lower than the windshield without tools utilizing “Heim” joints and turn knob design. Skylon combined all of these best ingredients into one of the most exciting new wakeboard towers.

A telescoping top section is the secret that lets this top performing wakeboard tower fit boats that are 79 to 105 inches wide. With simple tools, this tower can be installed in less than one hour. For those with a standard garage, this tower will collapse to down below the windshield level in less than a minute without tools. Available in a new anodized brushed aluminum finish, standard black powder coat, or optional white powder coat.

Click HERE for more info.  $1699-1999



   Pro X Series Tower Extension - W2927

The new Pro X Series Tower Extension is the most badass product to hit the market. It fits all tubular towers and allows riders to go bigger and land softer. It also helps you learn new tricks at slower speeds which will increase your confidence while reducing the punishment of crashing. Trying to land that first raley? Slow the boat to 18 mph and give it a rip. It also folds down entirely and can remain attached while your tower is collapsed, so there is no need to remove it prior to parking your boat on the lift.

Click HERE for more info.  $999



  Taylor Tower

  • The Taylor Tower is an excellent choice for upgrading nearly any boat.  It uses a telescoping design which allows it to fit any boat with a beam width up to 102".  It has patent pending mounting plates that allow it to conform to curved mounting surfaces.

Click HERE for more info.  $2450



  Samson Razor Tower

  • The Samson Razor tower is on the cutting edge of tower design. It offers a perfect combination of aggressive looks with rock-solid performance.  The 2.5" diameter, thick wall tubing is custom fabricated for the specific boat it will be going on.

Click HERE for more info.  $3500