The Tigé LifePlus Lifetime Replacement Warranty fully covers the entire laminated construction of your Tigé, and if there is ever any structural failure, degradation, or delamination for as long as you own your boat, Tigé will replace it with a new boat at no charge.  Other boat manufacturers offer hull warranties that cover only the repair of defective lamination or structure.  This usually means the owner is responsible for transporting the defective boat to the manufacturer for repair.  The owner is then left with a repaired boat that seldom performs as well as the original.


There has never been a single incident of structural failure in any Tigé hull, floor, or stringer component.  This is one important reason that Tigé is the only manufacturer that can offer the most solid, far-reaching warranty in the business.  In addition to the LifePlus Lifetime Replacement  Warranty, Tigé backs the non-laminated components in our boats with a Three-Year Bow-to-Stern Limited Warranty.  This covers upholstery, steering and throttle assemblies, TAPS2, and other Tigé-installed components and accessories.