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The patented Tig ConvexV hull and TAPS2 technology are key to what makes Tig inboards so dramatically different.  While all other inboard hulls curve down with a "hook" toward the transom, the Tig ConvexV hull curves up in a rocker shape like a wakeboard or slalom ski.  This unique hull shape and TAPS2 technology is totally unique to Tig, allowing us to deliver everything from exceptional ballast-free wakeboarding wakes to superior handling and fuel economy.



















And as industry tests have proven, this same advanced ConvexV hull technology allows you to quickly trim the hull to significantly reduce drag and substantially increase fuel efficiency.  This also requires less power with no loss in speed and performance.  While other inboards need expensive large-block engines to push ballast and inefficient hulls, Tig confidently recommends the less costly, fuel efficient 5.7 Tig GM Vortec engines in even our largest models.  Plus, with no ballast to haul around, fuel economy continues to soar along with convenience, safety and ride.

Tired of the ballast hassle?  The patented ConvexV hull is the answer.  Tig is the only inboard that can deliver phenomenal wakeboarding wakes without using ballast or drag hardware.  With its unique rocker shape, the ConvexV hull settles naturally at wakeboarding speed, creating tremendous water displacement and huge wakes without ballast or drag hardware.  That means riders of all abilities can enjoy phenomenal wakes without waiting for tanks to fill or compromising boat handling or safety.  Hit the TAPS2 button and go from those huge wakeboarding wakes to flat slalom wakes in just seconds.

A decade after Tig developed its patented TAPS2 system, many inboard manufacturers are attempting to follow Tige's lead, adding adjustable "wake plates" to their traditional fixed position hooked hulls.  But there is not much substance to these look-alike "wake enhancement" devices. Why?

The dramatic effects of TAPS2 technology is more about the hull shape than the plate.  The rocker shape of the patented Tig ConvexV hull allows the boat to settle naturally when the TAPS2 plate is in the up position.  All other inboards have  a permanent hook in the hull that prevents the boat from settling naturally...with or without a wake plate.

At boarding speeds with TAPS2 adjusted up toward 8, the non-planing ConvexV hull settles naturally, creating massive water displacement and large wakeboarding wakes without bulky, unsafe ballast or drag hardware.